Rain or Shine: Fourth of July at Patriots’ Park

Rain or Shine: Fourth of July at Patriots' Park (Image 1)

For 19 years, Columbia County has put on it's annual fourth of July celebration, bringing spectators to the greens of Patriots Park to see the skies light up.

Virginia Atkins, a Community Event Specialist for the event says, “we annually welcome about 10,000 people at each Fourth of July celebration.”

People come from all across the CRSA to roll out their tents, lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy an evening under the stars come rain or shine.
And while celebrations like this take place each year, there's always something or someone new to impress.
William Jensen brought his family out to do just that for their two year old daughter.

“We decided to come out for her first fireworks display ever and we didn't want the weather to deter us from it,” Jensen explains.

Jensen says the rides and vendors offer a great family, bonding opportunity for his and many other families to spend time together.

Jensen adds, “food brings everybody together and as you can see, we're enjoying some food.”

Decked in their red, white and blue and stars and stripes, hundreds of proud patriots listened to the live bands, ate funnel cakes and checked the skies now and then for signs of rain as the sun set. Just what new Columbia County Resident, Parinaz Serri had expected of the people in her new home.

Parinaz Serri, Columbia County Resident, says “we'll you hear the most patriotic people of America are in the south so, we're looking forward to that.”

A pride that organizers hope this event will continue instill in everyone that attends.

Organizers say they hope to have a bigger fireworks show and more rides for next year's celebration.

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