Lake Levels Continue Quick Rise Thanks to Summer rains

Some of you
have been asking if it's ever going to stop raining!

The rain may be a
positive thing when it comes to the water level at
Clarks Hill Lake, but negative for your safety.

The United States Army Corp of Engineers say
rising waters can create major drops offs.

The Central Savannah
River area has seen some changing weather the past few weeks.

Some of it has been
nice. A lot of it has been rain. And that has a twofold effect on lake levels.

In fact, the CSRA saw the most rain in
June since the record books began 140 years ago.

This rain is causing our lake levels
to rise. Chrissy Westerberg with the Army Corp.
of Engineers says, “We are at two feet over full pool. This means we are
332 feet meaning sea level. We are two feet over pool right now.”

 Westerburg says High water can conceal
objects, have more debris and create dangerous currents.

The Savannah Army Corp. of Engineers
has already responded to two drowning deaths this summer at Clarks Hill Lake.
That's why they encourage safety. They say parents should test the area before
letting their toddlers play.

She explains, “Swimmers that try to
swim across coves, that's one of our  most common causes of drowning. And the two
we've had this year, are from that. Play it safe, remember it's always further
than you think. Don't try to swim across coves, stay close to shore.”

As for the remaining lake season? Authorities are asking boaters to take
extra care and follow existing speed restrictions due to rising levels.


Click here for more safety tips .


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