More Women Dying From Rx Overdoses

New Robot Helps Stroke Survivors Walk Again (Image 1)

In tonight's medical report, a new study from the CDC shows the number of women dying from painkiller overdoses is rising dramatically.

Female deaths from prescription pill overdoses jumped 400 percent between 19-99 and 2010.

Doctors say it could be because women are more likely to suffer from painful conditions like fibromyalgia and migraines–which are often treated with prescription pain pills.

Dr. Todd Bania, from Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, points to several factors.

“Women tend to be prescribed prescription pain meds more commonly than men. Also, women tend to be smaller in size so the dose is actually larger for women.”

The study says women are also more likely to consult doctors for pain and more likely to go doctor shopping to get prescriptions from multiple providers.

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