Augusta Crime Stoppers Still Need Help to Curb Crime

Augusta Crime Stoppers Still Need Help to Curb Crime (Image 1)

Since 2010 Augusta Crime Stoppers say they've done just that — help stop crime in Augusta-Richmond County. Though the group did play a role in catching one of the suspects who attacked a man on the River Walk, but the group's director, Griff Griffin, says crime in Augusta is bigger than the River Walk and downtown areas.

“There's approximately 120 gangs in Augusta. We brought the gang problem to the attention of the authorities back in 2010,” Griffin explains.

They then drafted a plan to eliminate some of the  those gangs. But Griffin says now, Augusta is home to larger, national gangs.

“Now, national franchise gangs are setting up here. We've got the Bloods and the Krypts and other gangs right here in Augusta,” Griffin adds.

Griffin says gangs aren't the only dangers on the streets of Augusta right now. He says there's millions of dollars of counterfeit money floating around the flea markets and you could find danger in things something as simple as like  an empty bottle.

Her says, “if you're walking down the street and you see a Gatorade bottle that has a bright orange residue in the bottom of it, don't pick it up. It may explode in your hand and could cost two or three fingers.”

Griffin says the bottle could contain a mobile meth lab, but by compiling a task force of approximately 600 people, Griffin says Augusta Crime Stoppers can be the additional eyes and hands for the safety of the people in Augusta Richmond County.

“What we do is we go through the whole area and we look for and actively recruit  people in every part of our community,” he says.

To learn more about Augusta Crime Stoppers or how to join the group, visit their web site

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