Downtown Property Owners Question BID For Extra Police Patrols

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

Mina Hinkle's store has been on Broad Street for 25 years she supported the Business Improvement district for the CADI program, it cost her more than two hundred dollars  a year, and thinks she could support another one for better security.

It's difficult to say because I don't know what it will bring for improvements yeah I think so,” she said.

Sheriff Richard Roundtree thinks the Business Improvement District is good way to raise $350 thousand dollars needed to pay and equip a nine member patrol for downtown

But property owners downtown will have approve a new Business Improvement District to pay for the security because commissioners did not re-approve the old one for CADI when it expired last December.

 “There is no BID it expired you would legitimately go through a brand new BID which I would encourage him to do if that's the case,” says Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Paul King is a downtown developer and a member of the CADI Board he says creating another BID  won't be easy.

 “Just hunting down 50 plus one percent of the property owners is a huge endeavor we had a dozen people working on it and it took us sixty days that's after we had the management plan in place and did a lot of front end legal work,” said King.

But also a majority of downtown property owners will have to sign on to tax themselves for the extra security, and that won't be an easy sell. 

 “I don't know if I'm comfortable with that I don't know why the city can't provide the security that we need I don't know why we have to pay more tax dollars for that I'm already paying tax dollars,” said Ooollee Bricker a Broad Street store owner who supported the BID for CADI.

“I like police protection but I think we're already paying for it so I don't think we need a special tax,” said Sandi Watkins another downtown business owner.

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