Mom2Mom: Sticking Together Now… and Then!

Mom2Mom: Sticking Together Now... and Then! (Image 1)

Mom2Mom, July '13

My three nearly grown kids still get into fights on a regular basis, but they're also quick to band together when the opportunity arises to pull the wool over their parents' eyes.

They almost got away with their last attempt, but a series of letters from various attorneys' offices in another state gave them away.  One kid had gotten a speeding ticket; he or she begged their siblings to help them pay it off. THEN they would tell their dad and me about the unfortunate incident…  but those letters arriving in our mailbox effectively blew the whistle on the lead foot driver!

The whole thing reminded me of the first time these three banded together for a cause and (almost) got away with it.  They were ages 1, 2 and 3.

Scott had them by himself on a Saturday afternoon. It was nearly naptime and the backyard needed mowing.  He thought they'd fall asleep to Dragon Tales, as they were all on blankies on the family room floor. He could even see into the room from the backyard, and figured he'd mow while they slept.

Problem was, they didn't sleep.

Scott made the turn at the end of a freshly mowed row, to head back across the yard, and was shocked to see our baby being waved over the fence… in someone's out-stretched arms. A mysterious voice called out, “Daddy, Daddy, look at me!”

Our next-door neighbor, Sherrie, was a guardian angel that day. She was standing in her front yard when she saw two tow-heads bobbing down our sidewalk. They were followed by a dark-haired baby crawling fast to keep up.  In seconds she steered Zack and Maddy back inside the wide-open front door, swooped up Sky Baby, and walked around to the backyard and waved her high over the fence!

Scott rushed over and Sherrie explained about the three wee escapees.  They walked around to the front door and saw a barstool just inside the door jamb. Seems the eldest two had dragged a stool from the kitchen, one climbed up and stood on it, reaching and unlatching the chain lock high on the door.

Thank goodness Sherrie was nearby to “blow the whistle” on that very first group escapade!

For Augusta Family Magazine, click here.

Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.



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