Quick Cooking — 7/9/2013

Nothing finishes off a great meal like a delicious dessert.

Today on Quick Cooking:  A special recipe for all you chocolate lovers.

Here's Karin Calloway.

If you've got a chocolate craving but don't want to heat up the oven to bake a cake or brownies, this week's Blender Chocolate-Almond Pots de Creme will satisfy your chocolate craving without heating up your kitchen. 

Posts de Creme are individual French custards that used to require cooking and then baking in a water bath. 

My version is a whole lot less work thanks to ome extra hot whipping cream and a blender.

I'll start by placing some chocolate morsels, egg yolks, brown sugar and a pinch of salt in the blender.  Cover and blend to chop up the chocolate chips.

I'm using almond extract to flavor the Pots de Creme, but you can use amaretto, coffee or raspberry liqueur to vary the flavor.

Now just gradually pour boiling whipping cream over the chocolate mixture with the blender running.  Once its blended add the amaretto and blend to incorporate.

The chocolate mixture can be poured into ramekins but I like to use there cute little demitasse cups.  Now just chill thoroughly before serving. 

sprinkle with some toasted almonds and enjoy these decadent little chocolate treats.

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