Reading Books Could Improve Your Mental Health

New Robot Helps Stroke Survivors Walk Again (Image 1)

Read any good books lately?

Well…you might have made a contribution to your mental health.

Dr. Timothy Johnson has details.

Dementia is a severe decline in such mental abilities as memory and reasoning.

An estimated four to five million people in the u-s have some degree of dementia.

Most of them are elderly.

Now a study in the journal “neurology” finds again that keeping the mind active can help ward off mental deterioration.

Scientists studied nearly three hundred elderly people for six years before their deaths at the average age of eight-nine.

Those who took part in mentally stimuating activities such as reading and writing across their lifetimes had a slower rate of memory decline than those who had not.

The research found that people with frequent mental activity late in life enjoyed a thirty-two per cent lower rate of mental decline.

And the study's author says exercising your brain from childhood onward is important for brain health in old age.

With this medical minute, I'm Doctor Timothy Johnson.

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