Flood Waters Rise in Columbia County

Flood Waters Rise in Columbia County (Image 1)

Heavy rain this afternoon shut down parts of Wrightsboro Road near Flowing Wells Road.

Augusta West Parkway saw heavy flooding near Wheeler Road as well.

Some parts of Columbia County saw nearly 3 inches of rain.

Several driveways are washed out in the Sedgefield subdivision.

Lightning struck a home on Biltmore Drive at the Westmont Subdivision.

3 homes also flooded there and a sink hole has opened up.

The creek off Rockdale Court is overflowing, and the water levels at Reed Creek Park continue to rise.

Flood waters damaged some driveways on Samarya Lane off Columbia Road.

We talked to some neighbors who say the water from a nearby creek gushed into their driveway.

It's the talk of the town – when will the rain go away?

“I was in the kitchen cooking and I looked out and I was like ‘oh my god' we are underwater,” said Loretta Bennett.

“Heard it rain, and looked outside for the first time and the water was almost to the door. I had everybody pack up and tried to lock the door but some water got through,” said Wesley Brown.

Neighbors on Samarya Lane off Columbia Road say water gushed through their driveway.

“You couldn't see the ground. You couldn't tell where the driveway and road met. It was a flowing creek from the driveway into the woods,” said Brown.

The rising waters even swept away nearby trash cans.

“It got to be ankle deep but it was scary. Police officers blocked off the road so options were limited at that time,” said Brown.

Neighbors blame it on a pond from a nearby apartment complex.

“The backyard is a pond. Inside, there is still a lot more to clean up.  We got most of the standing water up. The bathrooms are a good more to clean up,” said Brown.

“It's not usually like this. We've never had rains like this before but I tell you today was like, oh god, I have never seen it like this,” said Loretta Bennett.

“At that point we were kind of scared of the cars,” said Brown.

As the water gushes out, neighbors say they're hoping this is the last of the wet weather.

“I am worried because it may flood my neighbor's house. I hope it doesn't flood mine, thank god,” said Loretta Bennett

The Storm Water Utility department says Dresden Drive near Shallowford Place, also of Columbia Road, will be closed because of a sink hole.

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