Protecting Areas Around The Rapidly Rising Savannah River

Protecting Areas Around The Rapidly Rising Savannah River (Image 1)
The continuous rain we've been seeing in our area is causing a direct effect on the Savannah River.

As we've been reporting, high water is starting to spill onto docks, and flood places water usually does not hit. News Channel Six's Dee Griffin is covering tonight's big story.

The Savannah River's high water means flooding for most areas along her banks. But for Roscoe Peace it means a possible flood of food for the avid fisherman. He says, “It depends on what you're fishing for. I'm fishing for catfish so I like the water to be high when I'm fishing for catfish.” The water may be bringing fish but also a flood of problems.“There is no flood retention left at any of the lakes. What falls has to come down.  So any time that it rains it's just going to make this problem worse over the next couple of days,” says Savannah Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus
Over a matter of hours, the effects of rain and a controlled release from the lake could be seen at the Savannah River. The fast moving water was rising rapidly and bringing large debris with it. Even the Savannah Riverkeeper's office is in danger of possible flooding, so employees are preparing to move to higher ground. Riverkeeper, Tonya Bonitatibus, says its best not to wage a battle of wills against the water. “If you're on this river you need to get off of it. If you live on a creek like Jones Creek and any of those areas in Columbia County, Stevens Creek you guys really need to watch out because this water is going to start rising pretty quickly backwards,” Bonitatibus explains.
As the river continues to rise so do concerns by the city. So as a precaution, they've closed down this riverwalk area to all pedestrians until further notice.
While the river isn't expected to pose a problem for the city yet, more rain could pour on the possibilities of flooding.  Bonitatibus cautions, “our big problem is going to be if the river gets up so far that the water can't get out and it continues to rain in downtown Augusta or if the canal overflows. If the canal overflows that will flood downtown Augusta.”
In the meantime, Roscoe Peace says he will just watch and wait while enjoying the overflow of food from the murky waters. “Times right now when it's a little bit rainy a little bit the fish tend to bite a little more,” he says. 

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