Recent Downpours Stimulate Local Businesses

Recent Downpours Stimulate Local Businesses (Image 1)
Recent Downpours Stimulate Local Businesses (Image 1)

Keith Anderson, from the Anderson Horticultural Group, explains “There are 700 — I believe I'm correct– 700 types of mosquitoes in the United States and we've probably got 300 different types in this area.”

Anderson says the showers we've been experiencing create a perfect breeding ground of sitting rain water for those mosquitoes. So much that his company, the Anderson Horticultural Group, has had to increase their work load.

“We've probably seen a 30-50% increase in our business this year over last year. The number of people that are calling asking for service — in past years, a lot of times they'd call and say 'well, let me think about it.' This year, they're not making any bones about it,” Anderson adds.

Anderson and his business partner, Scott, say mosquitoes lay eggs that lie dormant and the rain water causes them to jump start their hatching process — creating more mosquitoes. I caught up with the Mosquito Squad of Augusta as they were taking care of the buzzing blood suckers at one home. The Andersons shared their tips on how you can reduce the risks of having a mosquito problem at your home as the summer rains continue.

Scott Anderson, with the Anderson Horticultural Group, says “just make sure the gutters are clean, tip over any buckets, tip out bird baths and change the water in bird baths daily. Anywhere that they see that there's free standing water, finding a way to remove that water could prevent those eggs from hatching.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the state of Georgia has already experienced its first case of the mosquito-bourne West Nile Virus in southeast Georgia this year. There were 99 reported cases and four deaths from the virus last year in Georgia.

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