95 Pints and Counting

95 Pints and Counting (Image 1)

“12 gallons tomorrow,” Mel Lockwood says, “donation number 96, shooting for 100.”

gallons of what?  Believe it or not, blood.

“I know people who say it's easy to write a check, some people like working yards
for people, what I do is give blood,” Lockwood says.

 Mel first
gave while walking by a blood drive 95 pints ago–something stuck.

 “I never considered how many times  would give,” he says.  “The first time I was on
the table next to one another racing to see who could fill it up first.”

of measuring in pints, what if you measure in lives:

“Coming up on 12 gallons, that's possibly 300 lives,”Lockwood says.

300 people with his blood pumping through their veins.

“That means we've connected in a way and I'm part of them now, it's a nice
feeling,” he says.

connected more lives than that:

“I can't catch up on him, but give on a regular basis also
now,” UPS co-worker Desmond Padgett says.

co-workers know him as a giver, so now many of them give too;

“Some are coming up on their first gallon, some who thought they would never
even give one time,” Mel says.

And you can join him:  He's
organized an annual drive with Shepeard blood centers that's one of the
biggest in the CSRA.

“Think about your family,” Padgett says. “If you they needed it wouldn't you
want someone to get up and give?”

Mel for
one intends on keeping giving; you know how he mentioned that 100 pint-12
gallon goal?

“I read about one individual who gave 20 gallon,” he says. “That's the ultimate goal,
I don't know if I can reach it but obviously after 12 I'm going for 13.”

The blood drive is Thursday July 11th until 7 PM at Centinnel Corporate Park off Whiskey Road in Aiken.  There will be gifts and prizes, including a week at a timeshare.

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