Mom2Mom: Hello, Halloween!

Mom2Mom: Hello, Halloween! (Image 1)

Mom2Mom, Oct '12   

Am I the only one who cannot believe we're looking at Halloween right now? Where did the summer go? I feel the same way about my kids…where did those cute little people go?

Photo albums bring it all back into focus for me, though.

Like so many others, the last decade of our family history is all digital—we can simply view and share our pictures online. But the early years are filed away in albums and nothing is more sentimental for me than flipping through the pages of a slightly tattered photo book.

Halloween pictures are just the best!

Admittedly, I always go overboard at Halloween, but there is a reason: My family has always called me Boo.

All of my nieces call me Aunt Boo. Ever notice how many Halloween decorations have the word BOO on them? Thus, you understand how I acquired all of the BOO items displayed in my house every October!

Among the displays are favorite photographs of the kids: the Ninja, Wicked Witch, Dorothy, Po, Marilyn Monroe, Capt. John Smith, Bride of Frankenstein, 101 (well, three) Dalmations, Maria pre-VonTrapp.

Yep, I'm talking Julie Andrews before she married Christopher Plummer.
My niece, Amy Claire, was totally into The Sound of Music when she was 3. The ONLY costume she would even consider was Maria the Singing Nun.

My sister was on her own with that one because typically the only nun costumes one sees at Party City have beer bottle props! You know the old joke…

Well, Amy came up with a clever costume and an awesome habit. She got a big cross from a crafts store and a little baby guitar so her pint-sized nun could sing “Do-Re-Mi” and the others.

But she didn't. Nope, Amy dragged Amy Claire from house to house, where she portrayed the Mute Nun, not the Singing Nun.

Here was this little kid, in an adorable detailed nun costume—just standing there. Amy tried to get her to strum the guitar and sing the song—but it was no use.

She said after a few houses it was just too much work trying to explain the whole Singing Nun bit, so she launched into “So Long, Farewell” and they marched back to the convent!

No doubt Amy swiped a high dollar candy bar from that trick-or-treat bag for all her pain and suffering. (Probably washed it down with a non-prop beer too!)


To read Augusta Family Magazine, click here. Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.

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