Mom2Mom: Stranger Danger!

Mom2Mom: Stranger Danger! (Image 1)

Mom2Mom, March '12    

If you listened to my kids, you'd think our family was like the fabled shoemaker's whose kids had no shoes: They grew up with two parents who are video editors, yet complain that we have no movies of them when they were growing up!

That's not entirely true! We do have videos— not a lot, by any means, but there are some highlights on tape… somewhere.

Isn't that just the way it goes?

The last time I had my teeth cleaned my dentist told me when his kids were young they tied dental floss from the top of the stairs to a rocker in the room below.

Then they would send their action figures down this “zip line” over and over again. It provided hours of entertainment, he said.

“That was the most they ever used dental floss in our house!”

My friend and colleague, Brad Means, is a trusted news man. He wants to keep our community safe. That makes an innocent mistake at the downtown library so ironic.

Brad needed a quiet space to plan a Sunday School lesson without the distraction of two boys and a dog. The library reading room seemed like a perfect spot.

Deep into his study, he was startled by a uniformed man standing by his table.

“Sir, you are going to have to leave immediately.”

Puzzled, Brad pointed out that he had his materials spread all across the table and was focused and getting his lesson plans together.

“I'm asking you again to leave this room, sir.”

Brad looked around and saw one other person was still there.

The security guard leaned over and said, “Sir, this is the Teen Reading Room, you are not allowed to be in here.”

Brad hadn't seen the sign by the doorway.

He immediately closed his books, gathered his papers, and bolted…freaked out at the thought of his mug on the cover of The Jail Report!

Brad Means, the newsman who alerts parents about the possibility of creeps stalking young people…let's just say it's highly unlikely you'll ever run into him trying to study in a public place again!

For Augusta Family Magazine click here.  Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.

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