New GRU Parking Fees

GRU Pumps $1.8 Billion Into Local Economy (Image 1)

Parking prices are on the rise for GRU students and staff, but only at the Summerville campus.

Parking rates for faculty are going from $10/year… to $10/month.

All students at GRU will pay $35/semester.

That's a bargain for former Georgia Health Sciences University students, who used to pay $25 a month. But those who went to ASU will see a big increase from their old $20 a year parking fee.

Students like Corey Coleman, at the Summerville campus, don't like to see another fee.

“A lot of people here do work and pay their own way through school and I mean $50 may not sound like much but when you have bills to pay and school on top of that…that's a lot of money”

GRU officials say parking fees will go towards maintaining parking lots and shuttle services between campuses.

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