Record Rain Affecting Local Businesses

Record Rain Affecting Local Businesses (Image 1)

According to the National Weather Service,
it has rained for 12 days straight in Augusta. For those who want to relax in the sun,
the bad weather is a headache, but for others, the
rain is good for business.

particular vehicle was involved in a hydroplane on I-20 that was brought in three
days ago,” says Kendrick Paint & Body Manager Tracy Bryant.

Bryant says the only time he has this much business at Kendrick Paint &
Body is when a hail storm passes through.

about two weeks behind and if the rain keeps falling the way it is it could get
worse,” says Bryant.

On Wednesday, there were 75 cars being repaired at Kendrick. Typically, the body shop has about 40 cars.

what we are seeing is people just not being very cautious during this bad
weather and they slide into each other,” says Bryant.

So many
accidents that some employees are working 60 to 70 hours a week to fix the
damage. And with the average fender bender repair costing about $1,700…
that's a lot of revenue being generated from the rain.

don't like to see people get hurt in car accidents or we don't like to see
people have car accidents, but it is what it is,” says Bryant.

business may be booming for some people in the CSRA, there are some local
business owners who want the rain to go away.

know, if we get one day of rain it puts us two days behind,” says Southern
Landscaping Owner Chris Tuten.

He says the weather is preventing his crews from
cutting the grass. Tuten says grass and weeds are growing faster because of the
rain, but his company can't work when it's raining outside.

try our best, you know. We stayed out today. We got rained out probably about
an hour ago. One of our crews is actually unloading now,” says Tuten.

He says his company is currently booked through September. He says his employees
are working weekends to make up for rainy days.

want some rain, however we don't want the rain that we've been getting. We've
been getting torrential downpours,” says Tuten.

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