Stay at home Dads

Stay at home Dads (Image 1)

It's been commonly known that mom's are the one to stay home and tend to the children.
  But the number of stay at home dad's is increasing.
  One new dad says he was treated like an outcast by moms at playground. 
 Abbie Boudreau has his story.

The movie, “WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING”… Dad character: “I picked up the wrong baby from day care.” …got laughs from Facebook product manager Tom Stocky – until HE decided to become a stay-at-home dad.

Abbie Boudreau, “Was it harder than you thought it would be?” Tom Stocky, stay-at-home Dad:
“I think – yeah! I mean, it was so physically demanding.”

While his wife worked at GOOGLE, Stocky took a four-month paternity leave, to care for their one-year old. Tom Stocky, stay-at-home Dad: “She'd find new things to try to EAT; new things to try to stick her FINGERS into. There were lots of dangers looming on all sides.”

Another looming surprise? snarky moms! Tom Stocky, stay-at-home Dad: “There were just insanely low expectations for me as a Dad. Someone's like, 'Oh, that's so great that you're bringing your daughter to the grocery store.' But, then, I was like, 'Well, of course I am!”

Stocky vented on Facebook about negative perceptions of moms who work when dads don't. One stranger cracked: “It's too bad YOU can't earn as much as your wife, so she can be the one to stay home.”

Abbie Boudreau: “What made you want to write this?” Tom Stocky, stay-at-home Dad:
“I felt like there were a lot of things that I hadn't heard talked about very much and some of the different challenges and nudges that kind of pushed Dads away from the homes and into work places. And, the same way there are all these nudges that are pushing women away from
workplaces and into the homes.”

“At the beginning, to be honest, I missed my, my job here at facebook. And so, I would say it was about after about two months I started getting some of the benefits of all the work that
I was putting in with my daughter.”

Stocky witnessed his daughter eating solids and taking her first step!

Today, he's back on the job – leading the launch of GRAPH SEARCH, a new way to find people and
places on Facebook.

Tom Stocky, stay-at-home Dad “I, kind of, miss being with her. Nothing will replace, like, that four months that I had of full-time with my daughter. That was amazing.”

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