Advice to Stay Safe in Storms

Advice to Stay Safe in Storms (Image 1)

WJBF Newschannel 6 continues our Team 6 coverage of our stormy season.  It seems the rain will never stop.  Sounds like a great time to check out some storm safety advice.  Here's an update from Columbia County Emergency and Operations Division Director Pam Tucker:

  1. Consider purchasing flood insurance if you don't have

     I've heard a lot of people say over the course of the past few days that
    they are not on the FEMA Flood Maps – so they didn't think that they needed
    flood insurance.  Please consider this:  Given
    enough rainfall, anywhere can flood and anyone can buy flood
    insurance, whether you are on the FEMA maps or not!
    policies can be purchased at a very reasonable cost.  It takes 30 days for
    a flood insurance policy to go into effect, so please look into it for the
    future. This is especially important if you ever had flooding or the threat of
    flooding. Attached is the Columbia County “Flood Facts” brochure with
    additional information that may be of interest to you. 
  2. Please help eliminate all mosquito breeding sources of
    standing water around your home every day.
      Remember that anything that can
    hold water for more than a few days can produce mosquitoes.  Remove the water
    source – and you remove the breeding source.  For more information on the
    Columbia County Mosquito Prevention Program, open this link:  Keeping
    Mosquitoes Away From Your Home

make sure your family is prepared for emergencies:

  • Create
    a Ready
    of emergency supplies and essential documents and keep it in
    a waterproof container. Include items for elderly or disabled family members
    and pets.
  • If you want to store
    your own water, please Download the Food and Water Storage Tips (PDF)
  • Pre-made
    kits can be purchased if you don't have time to make your own.  Just do an
    online search for disaster supply kits.
  • Purchase
    a NOAA Alert Radio for your home to receive all watches and warnings
    immediately when they are issued by the National Weather Service.
  • Sign
    up to receive Columbia County Emergency Notifications on this link:  Columbia
    County Emergency Notification System Registration!
  • Be
    sure your gas tank is kept at least half full if our area is identified in the
    “cone” of possible tropical weather impact. 
  • Be
    prepared to bring in all outdoor possessions that are not tied down, secure
    windows with pre-cut ply wood or hurricane shutters, keep all trees and shrubs
    well trimmed, and move irreplaceable family photos and heirlooms to a high
    shelf or the attic.
  • Hold
    a family meeting to review your emergency plans, including:

    • Identify a “safe
      room” within your home for family members to seek shelter in the event of a
    • Identify two family
      meeting places; one close for emergencies such as fire – and another out of the
      immediate area in the event of large scale damage to your neighborhood.
    • Identify an out of
      town “check in” contact person for all family members to call if you are
      separated. Store that number in cell phones under the name of “ICE” (in case of
    • Identify what route
      (and alternates) you will use to evacuate your neighborhood, if needed.
    • Practice your plan!  

contact us if you have any question or need additional information about how to
be prepared for emergencies, please let us know by calling or emailing us at:
(706) 868-3303 or

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