CSRA Experiencing Flooding In Many Areas

CSRA Experiencing Flooding In Many Areas (Image 1)

The Savannah River is continuing
to rise and it doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon. More rain fell in our area today
and that is concerning people who live near water. The ground is already saturated, which means
low-lying areas like Raes Creek are going to start flooding. Officials are warning people to be ready.

“That's what happens when it
rains like this and it's probably like a once in a hundred years kind of a
situation, but that's what happens,” says Carmen Pride.

The heavy rainstorms are causing
flooding problems all over the CSRA, but the most noticeable flood is that of
the Savannah River. Officials say the river could rise as much as two feet and
as of Thursday evening, the Savannah was moving seven times faster than it
normally does.

“Even if it doesn't rain, we
will probably see this for thirty days. It will stay up for quite a while. They
have to drain those lakes. But if it rains and when it rains, it will only get
worse,” says Savannah Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus.

Homeowners who live on or near
the Savannah River know that it's not a matter of if flooding will happen, it's
just a matter of when.

“That's what happens when
you live on a river. You should expect it to flood. Truth be told, this is a
great thing for the river. It needs to do this. It needs to clean its kidneys
out. It's been a long time,” says Bonitatibus.

Parts of the Riverwalk are
flooded, which caused city officials to close the park and cancel events on the

“People need to be paying
attention right now because if you think about the flood in 1991, yes, the
river got up, but really the stories that people remember is Rae's Creek
Flooding,” says Bonitatibus.

New memories are being created
for those who live near Raes Creek, as it flooded Thursday evening. Road crews
closed Ingleside Drive because the creek flooded into the streets. The flooding
attracted some tourists.

“It can't hold that much
water and it's starting to flood the water. And this much water can make a car
go out of control,” says 6-year-old Austin Fox.

Officials are warning people to
not to go into any area that has standing water. On the roads, make sure you take it easy and slow down because there have been a
lot of hydroplaning accidents.

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