Dangerous Conditions on Water and Land at Savannah Rapids

Dangerous Conditions on Water and Land at Savannah Rapids (Image 1)

The rising water levels from this week's rains also make it dangerous for those who hit the water during the summer months.

But even if you run, bike or walk, you still need to be careful.

Officials at the Savannah Rapids say water continues to rise and gushes from the gates.

That's because the Arms Corps of Engineers released water from Lake Clarks Hill Thursday.

Earlier Friday, there was a lot of mist in that area and that brought out a lot of people to check out the rare sight.

Because the water levels are too high, the river did not have it's usual influx of kayakers.

The water is also moving quite fast making for dangerous and swift conditions.

Experts say people may drown because the boat could hit rocks, capsize, or even get hypothermia in the water.

If you're headed out on the water, you may want to check with the canal authority first.

Also, if you are running or walking on the trials, look out for snakes hanging from trees.

Experts say copperheads are known to make an appearance when the weather gets wet.

Water is let out daily from Stevens Creek Dam as well which is causing the river to rise rapidly.

The water fall at Reid Creek is also much heavier and the swift conditions are making it dangerous for boaters.

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