Swollen Savannah Will Stay Weeks Maybe Months Corps Tells Augusta Officials

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

 What's normally dry land at Goodale Landing on the river in Augusta is now only good for the ducks.

Paul Cook has lived here 20 years, and says the river has really expanded.  

“I've never seen it this high I think some of my neighbors that were hear before I was say it  was higher than that I believe around 1990, but I haven't seen it that high,” said Cook.

With the high water Augusta leaders sat down with  Corp of Engineers officials to get a briefing on what they can expect on the river in the coming days.

The word is don't expect any major changes because high releases from the Savannah River dams to deal with the constant rain will continue they say for weeks.

“There is only one way out so it all has to come through August that's why it's going to take so long, probably three weeks and if it continues to rain it could extend as much as eight weeks,” says Andy Ashley a hydrologist engineer from the Corps Savannah office.

So the river will be running high for the next several weeks, and when the river is high it blocks the city's many creeks and streams and storm drains from draining normally.

“That's where are next problem is going to be is actually are creeks and streams and the canal those are the areas we need to watch to make sure we're not flooding from the inside,” says Savannah Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus.

“Butler Creek is up Raes Creek is up and so what we are doing is meeting discussing putting plans together on how we will address these areas make sure citizens are protected,” says Fire Chief Chris James.

And it looks like this will be a project that will take weeks.

“If you are within three feet of water right now you need to have a plan sometime in the next month you could be very easily looking at moving out,” says Bonitatibus.

So weeks maybe even months the city is going to be dealing with the potential for major flooding  but just how bad it will be depends on one major factor the rain.

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