Emergency Responders Swamped In Rain

One Richmond County
program has proven to be extremely helpful with all of this wet weather.  The Augusta-Richmond County Emergency Management
Agency has been working 24-7 to get emergency alerts out to its citizens. WJBF's
News Channel 6's Courtney Elledge has more.


This is what most of Richmond County
looks like along the Savannah River. Many areas are under water.


Resident, Billy Wilson says, “It's
been the late 80's since I have seen it like this, and before that I was a
little guy when the first flood came through. It's probably about the highest I
have seen it.”


The Community Emergency response teams
have been increasing their
efforts to alert citizens before accidents happen in their neighborhood.
Through text messages and email they can 
tell people in Augusta exactly when and where flood waters or other
emergencies will hit.


Richmond County Fire Chief,
Christopher James explains, “It's a way that we can reach out to citizens that
they are most comfortable receiving information through their cell phones. It's
very important that we move to this, to that we can notify citizens in a way
that they would not typically receive their notifications.”


Courtney Elledge reporting, “Citizens
say the Community Emergency Response Team has been most effective during recent
events like this, the massive flooding affecting Richmond County.”


James says, “For the last month,
because of the rain we've been notifying the entire county, because we've had
issues throughout the county, we've had issues with Rae's Creek, Butler Creek,
We're watching Spirit Creek.


The early notification system is
putting citizens mind's at ease. Even medical students say they'll  know whether it's safe to drive to class or


One way is
by telling people which route is the safest to drive when flooding is expected.


Wilson says, “I travel all over, I used
to work down in Burke County, coming home you know you get updates. If I have
to re-route and find another way home, you're talking about an average of 35
miles back here to Richmond. So yeah, absolutely it helps.


Click here to see how you can enroll http://www.augustaga.gov/index.aspx?nid=1443.





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