Columbia County Man’s Home Destroyed By Mother Nature

The past 48 hours have
been a nightmare for one Columbia County family.


Geanie Drawdy says, “It
breaks my heart and there is really nothing you can do, but help.”


This family is left with
no choice but to pack what's salvageable of their belongings.

Because of the recent
flooding, their family home of 40 years is ruined by mother nature.


Flood victim, Edward Udell
says, “At that time it collapsed inside. Prior to that, we had two foot of
opening. At the top, so the water was still flowing, the water starting coming
up fast.”



So fast, it put Edward
Udell and his family in danger.


Courtney Elledge reporting,
“The water started coming in so fast, the family says they had to evacuate
through this window in order to get to higher and safe grounds.”


As a wounded veteran,
Udell says he doesn't want people to feel sorry for him, he's not asking for
help– he only wants the county update the 20 year old pipe systems by his
house. He says if they would've done so– this would've never happened. 



Udell says,” The
drainage system in this neighborhood, is the same as it was when Belair Road
was two lanes. When they widened the four lane, they didn't upgrade anything.
We have all the extra water coming through here. All the property owners, they


Edward Udell does have
flood insurance, however it doesn’t cover everything he needs. He says FEMA
evaluated his home with having 45,000  worth of damage. What's worse? Some items are
irreplaceable. Like his deceased sons, belongings. His sadness and loss, is
attracting help from neighbors.


Udell says, “I would do it
anyway. And for the viewers out there, if you can help, help. I know he's not
the only one that's a flood victim out there. There's so many out there, I wish
I could help him all, but he comes first.


The Udell family has no
choice but to find a new home. In the mean time they say they'll cherish each


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