Families of Murder Victims Unite to Solve Crimes

Families of Murder Victims Unite to Solve Crimes (Image 1)

Four families with lost loved ones and dozens more impacted by their loss is what CSRA Awareness Event organizer Carolyn Bate says inspires her. A little over three years ago, Bates' son, “L.J.” was murdered in his home in Edgefield County.

“I don't know why, I don't know who. All I know is that my son is gone and I know somebody out there knows something. You can't tell me that somebody doesn't know something,” she pleads.

After waiting for answers for years, that feeling drove Bates to help investigators continue to help piece together her son's case. But because of lack of evidence or information, his case and several other murder cases around the CSRA remain unsolved.

“I think a lot of people know things about different murders. And because they're scared or because they don't want to get labeled a snitch, they choose not to do anything,” she says.

Bates organized Saturday night's event with the hope of gaining ground on the unsolved murders. To help in her effort, she enlisted the help of the local Crime Stoppers organization

Jeremy Hembree with Crime Stoppers of the Midlands for South Carolina explains, “we're a resource for the family and for the community itself. Anybody can pick up the phone, make a phone call, send us a text message, enter it on the web site.”

Hembree says tipsters can always remain anonymous and there are often rewards for information — something that Bates says she's still hoping for while she continues to cope with the loss of her son.

Bates adds, “I feel like my heart has accepted it, but my brain — I'm still having a hard time accepting that I have not seen my son in three years.”

If you have any information about the murder of L.J. Sanders or any other case, authorities are asking that you please call one of the Crime Stoppers organizations. To Those links are http://augustacrimestoppers.org/Contact.htm or http://www.midlandscrimestoppers.com/

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