Recent Rains Causing a Triple Bogey for Golfers

At this time, last year,
Forest Hills Golf Club operators were looking to the sky, dabbing their brows
wondering when the heat would break and the rain would fall.

Now, they're dealing with
the complete opposite end of the spectrum.


Sarah Mooney Forest Hills
Golf Professional says, “We've seen a lot of rain. In the month of June
alone we registered over 17 inches of water. This month about five inches, so
it gets to a point where the course can no longer soak up the water and it
gives tough conditions for the players.”


Mother Nature is out
powering the course's drainage systems. 


As you see here, the sand
in the bunker is gone, and water replaces it, causing some parts of the course
to be re-routed.


“We've had to change
the way that the hole is played. Instead of a par 4, we've had to change it to
a par 3. Eliminating that drive off of the tee because of conditions where the
ball would be landing from the tee shot. We've created two new boxes where the
city can play just because of the course conditions.”


Augusta is the golf
capital of the nation, but some say the rain in hindering their- game.


Anthony Scott Forest Hills
member says, “Today I just figured I would hit some range balls because I
didn't want to get on the course to put on rain gear and then try to use towels
to keep everything dry. It's been a tough month for golf the last 30-40


The continuous rain also
puts a damper on course revenue.


Mooney says,”We are a
semi-private golf course, we do have about 225 members but we operate mainly on
public fees. Because of the rain and there's not a lot of public people, that
definitely puts a damper.”


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