Augusta Will Take Over Bus Service Even If New Company is Hired

For the first time in two years, Augusta looks to be back in the bus business.

Augusta Commissioners are scheduled to vote Tuesday on hiring another company, McDonald Transit Services, to run the buses.

But, even if the company is approved, Commissioners expect the city will have to operate the buses for 60 days until the new company takes over.

“We're going to have to be prepared to take over and do what we need to do to keep transit running. And, hopefully, the Administrator and staff have been able to do that come up with a plan to keep it running for at least 60 days and hopefully we can get this transition done. It will allow 60 days,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Corey Johnson.

But, the worry is…with the city back in charge, will bus service and riders suffer during those 60 days?

“I hope not,” says Johnson.

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