George Zimmerman Verdict

George Zimmerman Verdict (Image 1)

Frustration- boiling over- from coast
– to coast- protesters taking to the streets- demonstrating against Saturday
night's not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial.

“Justice was not done, the murder
was outrageous”

In New York City- – hundreds marched
from Times Square – to Harlem.

Some- clashing with police.

In Los Angeles, protesters – forced the
shut-down of an interstate entrance and in Oakland – flag burnings- and

“Some people are just still very

Trayvon Martin's parents – asking for
peace- despite the heartbreak described by their attorney.

Benjamin Crump, the Martin family
attorney says, “They really wanted the killer of their unarmed son to be held accountable.
 They went through the grieving process
all over again.”

Today- George Zimmerman remains in
hiding. – his attorney saying – he will get his gun back, and for his own
protection, will need it more than ever.

Mark Omara, “I don't know how he could
not lawfully carry a gun now that he is allowed to carry one. This is the worst
time of his life isn't it.”

In an exclusive interview with ABC News,
the prosecutors in the case – question that decision.

John guy, “He better be careful. It
better be the right circumstances.”

Rich Mantei, “The law allows an awful
lot of people to carry guns. That doesn't mean they all should.”

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