Man Loves Roller Coasters, So He Built Them In His Backyard

Man Loves Roller Coasters, So He Built Them In His Backyard (Image 1)

Hit the road and just outside of Vincennes, Indiana…off Route 41, and you'll see it. Like a mirage in the desert, you might not believe your eyes. That is a roller coaster…

The first thing you hear when you meet John Ivers is he doesn't just like roller coasters. “I love roller coasters and I never got to ride them too much,” he says.

What better way to solve that problem than build your own? But, there's no store that sells roller coaster tracks…he started where he worked…

“Most of this stuff was right there in the shop and I could just kinda 'well, look at that. Yeah, I could use those and I could use some of this,' you know?” Ivers says.

John isn't a rollercoaster engineer…but after almost two years of trial and error, you get this…a 20-foot tall climb…with a g-force splitting drop that cascades into a gravity pulling loop and comes home…all over in a matter of seconds.

He calls it the “Blue Flash”. “To be able to make it work and…it actually come out working better than I ever thought it would,” Ivers says. “Well, after I built the Blue Flash, I realized my grandkids were just toddlers and couldn't ride this. It's pretty much an adult ride, so I had to build another coaster that they could ride,” he adds.

And from that came…”Blue Too”, a roller coaster built for kids, but even John could enjoy. “I actually took my time and done a better job on that one than I did this one,” he says.

While he enjoys the thrilling twists and turns…the real story of John Ivers and his coasters might be something else they've given him.

Most folks travel around the world to meet new people…but the Blue Flash and Blue Too have brought the world to John. “We've met so many people because of it which, you know, I never thought about all that in the beginning. I didn't build it for that. It was just something unique to have fun on, for the kids and grandkids, and this turned out to really be something really special,” he says.

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