North Augusta Black Mold Apartment Scare

North Augusta Black Mold Apartment Scare (Image 1)

Elizabeth Martinez has lived in Willow Wick Apartments in North Augusta for three years. But for the last six months or so, when it rained it poured this: black soot inside her home.

“It angers me. And now the fact that there's mold growing everywhere and it could be affecting my daughter, it angers me even more,” Martinez tells us.

She says her daughter developed a chronic cough — a symptom the C-D-C has linked to indoor mold exposure like the toxigenic mold that's creeping through the ceiling in her bathroom, bedroom, closet and even her five year old daughter's room.

She says, “when I look up at that, especially when I'm taking a shower, I feel like I'm living in filth.”

Disgusted, Martinez says she's notified the maintenance crew four times this month alone. Still, nothing has been done and all they've offered are buckets to catch the rain and complaints.

“They look at it and they just say 'oh that does look bad. There's nothing we can do about it now. Just have to wait till it dries,” she adds.

An act Martinez says is drying up her well of patience with the apartment complex. She tells us she's a tenant in good standing. So, she doesn't understand why this issue has not been resolved yet.

She explains, “This, to me is unacceptable. Nobody else would want their kids living in something like this. I'm pretty sure the maintenance people wouldn't want mold growing out their ceiling and affecting their kids health. I don't want it to happen to mine.”

She says she wants an immediate resolution if not for her, then for her daughter.

I called the owner of the apartment complex in hopes of provoking that resolution. The office was closed and their voicemail was full. We will continue following this developing story. For more information about the health risks of molds, visit the Centers for Disease Control web site

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