Ogeechee River Flooding

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It's not just the Savannah River locally that has seen more than enough water.

The Ogeechee River in the Southeastern part of Georgia also has high water levels.

But for the folks who live along the Ogeechee, they know what they got themselves into when they moved in.

Raquel Rodriguez has the story.
If you don't batten down the hatches here, you could be out of luck. Just ask Don Chance.

“Find stuff in the woods that have floated off we try to tie everything down but some things you miss.”

Including Don's boat trailer. As he wades through the water looking, he says you can't mind getting wet if you live near the river.

“We enjoy it down here, it's a lot of fun, it's quiet, private “

Those who live near the Ogeechee river know that this flooding is just a way of life. Chance says this is nothing, he's experienced some water levels close to his waist.

“When the water gets up higher it doesn't hurt anything as bad as it is now with just running over the roads it erodes the road out”

To make sure this community won't come into harm's way, the Effingham Co. Emergency Management Director, Ed Myrick, is keeping his eye on the river.

“With 13 feet water levels once it hits about 14 is when I get really concerned because that's when it starts to breech some of the houses, so as long as I can keep it under about 13.6 I think we will be fine. “

Houses supported by beams are keeping homeowners high and dry.

“Those citizens that we have in the area are very resilient they are very prepared for what's going on they've made the necessary precautions they need to”

Chance says living near a flooding river isn't for everyone.

“You can't predict it, you can't be a weatherman down here, you just take it as it comes.”

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