Treasure Found off Florida Coast

Treasure Found off Florida Coast (AP Photo)

Some boaters scored big this past weekend… After they found more than 40 gold coins off the coast of Wabasso Beach, Florida.

They were patrolling the waters about 100 yards from the Disney Vero Beach Resort.

A diver went underwater, looked around, and inside a hole underneath the sand he found 48 gold coins.

Each coin is worth about $4,000 now. They are probably from a sunken Spanish ship.

Diver Greg Bounds says it doesn't happen often, but the wrecks are out there.

“It does happen out here, there are Spanish treasure wrecks, and occasionally bounties full of treasure come up from the bottom. It's by no means a regular occurrence, there's many more days we pick up beer cans and lead fishing sinkers than gold coins.”

The scavenging company, called 1715 Treasure Fleet, says the coins have likely been down there for 300 years, since a fleet of 11 Spanish galleons sank during a hurricane on July 31, 1715.

The total value is estimated between $200,000 – $250,000.

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