Twinkies Make Their Much-Anticipated Return

Twinkies Make Their Much-Anticipated Return (Image 1)

“A Twinkie 35 feet long, weighing approximately 600 pounds. That's a big Twinkie,” from the movie 'Ghostbusters'

It's not exactly how Dr. Spengler describes it, but yes!…the iconic, golden, sponge cake is officially back on the market!

Rachel Smith, reporting: “Twinkie Armageddon broke out in November when Hostess closed its doors, but now the Twinkie is back. It's on the shelves and it's the very first batch to hit U.S. stores.”

Wal-Mart scarfed down the exclusive 3 days before competitors.

“This store received 1,000 cases of Twinkies – so we're excited,” said Joe Schmidt, the manage of a Secaucus, New Jersey Wal-Mart store. Rachel says, “Cheers!” Joe adds, “mmm, it's like I remember – this is good.” Rachel adds, “that's one sweet comeback (laughs).”

Next…a little Twinkie trivia!

“When do you think the Twinkie was invented?” we asked one healthy-looking guy. “Probably back in the 40's, 30's…” he answered. Rachel says, “money! Good job – high fives – 1930.” “What's the shelf life of a Twinkie?” Rachel asked. “Next to forever,” he answered. Rachel says, “it's actually not.”

The new version does serve up a longer shelf life – 45 days instead of 2 weeks – but fanatics say, their love for this…has no expiration.

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