Evans, Martinez Among Best Towns in Georgia for Young Families

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A consumer advocacy website lists Evans and Martinez as top towns in Georgia for young families.

Read text from NerdWallet's release below:

“From the red clay of Atlanta to the sweeping coastal marshlands and pristine beaches, Georgia is a truly bountiful state. It's home to top universities, many Fortune 500 companies, and a great way of life. For young couples ready to start families, Georgia is an excellent option.

NerdWallet sought to better inform young families and parents-to-be by analyzing towns across the state according to five criteria:

1.    Public school rating from GreatSchools
2.    Average home value
3.    Cost of homeownership
4.    Average income
5.    Economic growth

Evans and Martinez ranked first and eighth, respectively, after assessing the towns' public school system, cost of living and economic growth. Situated outside of Augusta, the towns both preserve their history while fostering innovation.

'The economy is strong, thanks in part to a growing healthcare industry and research center,' Mike Anderson, the analyst who conducted the study, said of Evans. 'Georgia Regents University, for example, maintains a business incubator to help health-care researchers develop their ideas and their entrepreneurship.' While Martinez, 'is a fantastic place for the adventurous Georgian family. The start of the Augusta Canal is here, and along it is a 15.5-mile bike trail as well as a boat tour in the canal itself,' he added.

NerdWallet's cost of living calculator and mortgage rates calculator further underscore the affordability of many Georgia towns like Evans and Martinez.”

For more information about NerdWallet, visit www.nerdwallet.com. To read the entire story about the survey, click here.

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