Augusta Commissioners Approve Downtown Security Plan, New Company For Transit

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

Augusta commissioners push ahead with a plan to improve downtown security.

Commissioners approving the proposal from Sheriff Richard Roundtree to set up about three dozen security cameras downtown and hire 6 additional officers for the downtown area.

Paying for the officers would come from a special tax district downtown that will have to be approved by 51 percent of the property owners in the area.

“This is a plan they will look at they will have input they will be on part of the board but they will understand each dollar they spend will be devoted strictly for downtown safety nothing else that resource will not be devoted to anywhere else and I think that's an easy sell,” said Roundtree.

Though commissioners approve going ahead with the security plan   how to pay the three to four hundred thousand dollars cost for the security cameras was not determined.

Augusta commissioners hire a new bus company

City leader voting tonight to turn the bus system over to McDonald Transit Services out of Fort Worth Texas. .

The company running the system now Mobility is out August first, but some commissioners felt the city rushed the decision.

“I don't like that the administrator rushed this down our throats so to speak we had all this time to work on this then we come up to the last minute like always they make too much money,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

City Administrator Fred Russell will meet with company officials to work out the details to get the company in the driver's seat by August first.

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