Some Augusta Residents Are Wondering Where Their Trash Cans Went

Some Augusta Residents Are Wondering Where Their Trash Cans Went (Image 1)

Wednesday, Andrew Reinstatler says he took his garbage container to the side of
the road like he does every week… but he says when he returned home that
night, something was different.

noticed that there was no trash can, so I asked my wife, do you know what
happened with our trash can? We thought someone stole it,” says Reinstatler.

says he called 3-1-1 to find out what happened to his trash can. He says the
operator told him it wasn't stolen, but that the trash service took it because
it was an older container.

said I was probably like the 100th caller,” says Reinstatler.

And he's
right, there are dozens of people in Augusta who are wondering where their
trash can went.

“My first thought was that somebody had come and stolen our trash
can,” says Drew Landrum.

But the
trash cans didn't just disappear, in fact, many of them are sitting at Daniel
Field. City officials say they are switching older trash cans out for new ones.

people are still waiting on the new trash cans to be delivered, so we went to
the Environmental Services Director to find out what's taking so long.

had two different contract crews. One that was deploying and one that was
removing. Unfortunately, our removal crew got ahead of our delivery
crews,” says Mark Johnson.

says that all of the new trash cans should be delivered by Wednesday… but for
now, the people who don't have trash cans have to make other arrangements.

the meantime, I'm trying to create as little trash as possible,” says Landrum.

says he is looking to his neighbors for help until his new trash can is

have actually been taking our trash over and using their trash can because I
guess they got the new one or something,” says Reinstatler.

If you don't receive a new trash can by Wednesday, please
call 3-1-1 to let them know.

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