What’s Trending at 5:30 Monday, July 22nd

What's Trending at 5:30 Monday, July 22nd (Image 1)

Time for what's trending at 5:30…

One man's fight with a 230 pound Ahi in Hawaii nearly cost him his life.
The large tuna was so big it capsized fisherman Anthony Wichman's 14 foot boat.
Wichman was initially caught in the line and dragged under water.
He freed himself, called his wife, who then called the coast guard.
After the rescue, Wichman's friends came to retrieve the boat… and noticed the fish was still on the line!
They reeled it in and towed it back to shore along with the boat.
That is actually Wichman's friends pictured.

Need a cupcake in a hurry? Swing by the cupcake A-T-M!
Sprinkles cupcakes in Dallas is introducing a continuous flow of the sweet treats.
The cupcake a-t-m is restocked day and night with different varieties — and even cupcakes for your pup!
The machine is open 24 hours.

Here's a new one in athlete arrest news…
Florida Gators linebacker Antonio Morrison was arrested for — barking at a police dog…
According to the police report… officers were responding to an unrelated incident… when Morrison began barking at the canine.
Morrison was arrested and charged with interference with a police canine and resisting arrest…he was arrested last week on simple battery charges.
He has been suspended for at least the gators first two games.

Think we've seen a lot of water…..take a look at some scary moments for one rafter.
The raft plunges over Husum Falls, a man catapults out, gets knocked unconscious, and floats away.
Russ Cole dives in to help, he's one of the most experienced river guides on the white salmon.
Russ usually teaches customers you have to hold onto the rope and listen to that guide.

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