What’s Trending at 5:30 Wednesday, July 24th

What's Trending at 5:30 Wednesday, July 24th (Image 1)

Time to take a look at what's trending…..

Imagine your hair being longer than you are…..one woman deals with it everyday.
She's 40-years-old woman whose hair measures in at 2.2 meters long, which is 57 centimeters longer than her height. She's been growing her hair since 1991, when she was 18.
It takes about an hour to wash her hair, even longer to dry….she does it every two-weeks,
She says she likes her hair, it grows fast and she doesn't want to get a hair cut.

Remember the 14-month old girl that bought a car on E-Bay by accidentally clicking the wrong buttons on her Dad's phone?  
It went viral.  She bought a 1962 Austin-Healey and Dad is currently fixing it up so it will be ready for her in 16 years.  But…in the meantime the folks at E-Bay also saw the story and decided little Sorella needed something she could drive in the meantime.  

If you love Starbuck's ….they're adding something new to their menu choices. Soon you'll be able to grab a yogurt with your morning coffee.
The Seattle-based coffee giant is partnering with french company danone to develop a line of greek yogurt parfaits called “evolution fresh.”
The new addition will be available by next spring…and in grocery stores by 2015.

A recent survey reveals that bad credit can be a deal breaker… when it comes love.
Nearly 30-percent of women and 20 percent of men surveyed said they would not marry someone with a low credit score.
Money management skills are as important to them as looks when deciding on a future with someone.
Nearly all female responders ranked financial responsibility over career ambition… physical attraction… and intimacy. The study was done by free-credit-score-dot-com.

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