What’s Trending at 5:30 Friday, July 26th

What's Trending at 5:30 Friday, July 26th (Image 1)

Time to look at what's trending……

Turns out werewolves aren't the only ones who feel restless during a full moon. That's according to a new study that says people get less and worse sleep around the time of full moons. On averagae 20 minutes less sleep and about five minutes longer to fall asleep. Deep sleep also decreased about 30-percent compared to sleep during a new moon. so enjoy the next few weeks the next full moon isn't until august 20th.

While breastfeeding her baby at a pizzeria in wisconsin, management ask her if she would be more comfortable nursing in a private area.
She mentioned the incident to a few friends, and within hours it had spread to hundreds of moms on facebook.
The pizzaria received calls, emails, the breast-feeding coalition of south central wisconsin received complaints.
Restaurant owners say it was a mistake, they issued a formal apology on facebook and offered up free pizza for all mothers and their children from 5:30 until 6:30 thursday night.
Mothers showed up in droves, within an hour, cooks made more than 30 pizzas.

This hotel is going to the dogs.  A hotel in austria is now catering to man's best friend.  the hotel sacher  offers specially furnished rooms that cater to both dog and owner. The rooms include blankets, towels, feeding bowls, treats, and cozy basket beds for the canine guests to sleep. Suggestions for attractive walking routes as well as gourmet dog food recipes are provided as well.

Saying have a nice day and passing a smile along one cup at a time.
The free java was thanks to an anonymous donor … who employees say slapped down nearly 900 canadian dollars to pay for 500 coffees.
It happened at a chain of canadian restaurants at least six different times this week.
Representatives say the free coffee is not a publicity stunt….. and that the restaurant has nothing to do with the good samaritans.

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