What’s Trending at 5:30 Thursday, Augusta 1st

What's Trending at 5:30 Thursday, Augusta 1st (Image 1)

Taking a look at what's trending at the bottom of the hour….

A college student in San Diego wins a 4.1 Million dollar settlement against the U-S Government for being locked up for 4 1/2 days in a windowless cell with no food, water no toilet or light.
Daniel Chong was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the D-E-A busted his friend's house—finding a stash of drugs.
They seized thousands of ecstasy pills, other drugs- and guns.
Chong admitted he'd smoked pot there– but knew nothing of the other contraband.
DEA agents placed him in a holding cell and alledgely forgot about him.
He kicked and screamed to get someones attention – no one answered.
He started hallucinating. he broke his glasses and started carving a message to his mom on his arm.
Finally someone opened the cell.
Chong's lawyers say he spent three days in an I-C-U… had kidney-failure, dehydration… he'd lost 15-pounds.
The agency has put new rules in place to make sure people are treated humanely.

One inmate in Tampa, Florida was bold enough to reach for a gun while standing in front of the judge.
24-year-old Robert Lewis Bridges the Third, sat in a crowded courtroom… shackled and handcuffed.  
Waiting for a hearing with the judge….and watching a deputies gun within arms reach.
However, the 18- year veteran knew something wasn't right.
When the inmate lunged for the weapon, the officers training kicked in – pushing his hand away and moving herself out of reach.

Change your mind about that tattoo you loved when you were younger?
Or realized it was a mistake right away? either way.. for years tattoo removals
have been possible but painful.
Now a new procedure in north Texas is changing that.
A Dallas cosmetic surgery center in Dallas uses photomechanical and photothermal heat to zap the tattoo. The particles collide against each other, explode and come to the surface for removal. It also removes color ink.

You usually find fish, sea-weed and maybe even an octopus in the sea….
Now you can add a diver hoping to reach a world record to the list.
The diver is in Tennessee and determined to set a world record for a fresh water scuba dive.
He went under on Saturday….. and plans to stay that way until Friday.
An underwater camera allows him to chat with friends. He's even figured out a way to sneak small bites of food.

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