Buddy Check 6: 4 Decades of Survival

Buddy Check 6: 4 Decades of Survival (Image 1)

Fighting Breast cancer can be a daily battle for some….One local woman is facing survival after nearly 4 decades.
Tonight, one woman shares why family support is so important when facing any obstacle in life.

In 1969, at 29 years old, Shirley Grier was diagnosed with breast cancer….now nearly 44 years later, she's still sharing her story, ” the doctor didn't believe, I discovered the lump in my breast and he thought it was just fatty tissue.”

But it turned out to be more than that….Shirley, “I discovered another lump before I went back and I called him and of course he put me right back into the hospital and said he was not going to dismiss me until he sent the tissue to Atlanta.”

After two weeks it was confirmed that indeed it was breast cancer. At the time her concern turned to her two little girls.

Pamela Gordon, daughter, “I remember when she was sick, my sister and I were very small and all I can remember her saying is that she wanted to survive and be here for us, and I'm just so glad that the lord let her survive.”

Not only is she able to enjoy life with her two girls, but her husband, grandchildren and most recently great-grandchildren.

Leamon Grier, husband, “she's a person that God has picked out to show that you can go thru trial and tribulations, and not look back. plus she's encouraging to everybody else, she's supportive, she's a sweet person.”

Not only does Mrs. Grier give support, she also receives it, from friends and family, at home and even by their participation in fund raisers.

Chanita Cofer, granddaughter, “I love to do stuff like charitable events, I love to do stuff to give back. Instead of having her with me physically I have her with me on my body so i have her with me as I go.”

Grandma Shirley is sharing her story hoping to encourage other survivors and their families. She wants them to know that there is life after diagnoses.

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