Laney’s Look: From Page To Film

Laney's Look: From Page To Film (Image 1)

My dad is probably the person to blame for my addiction with books. Growing up I remember dad ending his day with a book in hand until the wee hours of the morning. I even have a distinct memory of the bookmark that graced his books , even before I was born. It was this yellow bookmark that read, “This isn't a bookmark, it's a flat banana.” I'm not sure what happened to that thing. Last time I saw the bookmark, it was completely worn, but was still doing its job.

Growing up and seeing my dad, even my mom, so often with books in hand, I naturally became a reader myself. I love books. I can easily spend hours in a book store. A few times a year, my dad comes to Augusta to visit mom and me. When he does it is well known that we'll make a trip to 2nd and Charles. The trip isn't one of mom's favorites, but she's learned to adapt. That means she'll find a book by one of her favorite authors, take a seat, and read while dad and I rummage around the shelves for several hours. (Mom also ends up buying the book she's reading as well as whatever else has been picked out.)

As I've gotten older, I've developed my favorite authors. If a book is by Danielle Steel or Nora Roberts, it'll be added to my collection as quickly as possible. Nicholas Sparks is another favorite that mom and I share, and a recent discovery is Sylvia Day. We began reading her Crossfire series and immediately became addicted.

There's a point to my rambling on about books. Monday it was announced that Lionsgate has optioned Sylvia Day's Crossfire books for a TV series.  Now, being an addict of that series, there is part of me that is really excited about seeing the books come to life. There is another part of me, though, that is nervous because – Is a film adaptation ever as good as the book?

There are many examples from over the years, most recently Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter.  Now, I'll admit that I haven't read any of those books. Twilight is currently sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me, and I made an attempt at the first Harry Potter book and gave up after five chapters of being bored out of my mind. My friends that HAVE read the books have mixed reviews on the transformation from book to big screen.

For me, I've seen countless movie adaptations of Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, and Nicholas Sparks books. For me, if I watch the movie without reading the book first, I'll enjoy the movie. If I make the mistake of reading the book first, I seem to always be bound for disappointment. Even my beloved Gone With The Wind – as much as I love the movie, the book offers so much more.

So I sit here left with a mix of emotions at the idea that a set of books I love so much will be made into a TV series. Don't get me wrong – I'll watch. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what actors they cast in the roles.  My hope is that since this will be a series, instead of a movie with a limited time allotment, writers and directors will stay true to the story that so many readers have fallen in love with.

Time will only tell if a film can ever compare to the book. I'd love to hear what you think, though. Let me know!

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