What’s Trending at 5:30 Monday, August 5th

What's Trending at 5:30 Monday, August 5th (Image 1)

 Time for what's trending at 5:30…

  At least three people are recovering from injuries following a planned implosion at a power plant in Bakersfield, California.
 Officials say one man, who was standing outside the 1,000 foot safe zone, was hit with shrapnel. One of his legs was partially amputated and the other was severely injured.
  Police say two other victims were treated for minor injuries.

 You could call Thomas Hurley the most heartbroken contestant ever….
  The 8th grader was sent home from Final Jeopardy despite the fact that he and many others say he got the question right.
  Hurley lost the final round during kids week for misspelling emancipation.
 Jeopardy's producers say they make every effort to be fair and consistent in their treatment.
  A similar incident happened last year when a contestant was penalized for misprounouncing 'wimbledon.'

Twitter is making changes after complaints that the social networking site wasn't doing enough to curb hate speech.
    It announced new features including a 'report abuse' button on individual tweets.
 This comes just a week after an issue of gender politics in the U-K got nasty on Twitter — when an activist received tweets threatening rape and violence after she won a fight to put author Jane Austen on the 10-pound note.

 A surveillance tape on a Florida school bus caught a brutal beating on camera… now the bus driver is having to explain why he didn't intervene.
  John Moody called police when the fight started.
  HE was the only adult present when a 13-year old boy was beaten by three fellow students.
  The school district's policy does not require the driver to intervene, but only call dispatch.
 The boys were arrested on aggravated battery charges. Moody will not face any charges.

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