What’s Trending at 5:30 Wednesday, August 7th

What's Trending at 5:30 Wednesday, August 7th (Image 1)

Time to look at What's Trending at 5:30….

If you have long hair…better watch your ponytail….
A new trend happening in Venezuela and Columbia where the thieves grab women by the hair, pull out some scissors, and cut it. They then sell it at beauty or hair salons.
One hair stylist says synthetic hair costs anywhere from 40 dollars to 160, depending on its quality. but natural hair can cost well over 500 dollars.

A puppy in Florida is recovering from surgery.
The owner thought the pup was a girl….but turns out it has both male and female parts.
The vet says its a very rare condition, but usually comes from inbreeding.
The dog is a hermaphrodite.
Doctors did corrective surgery.

A restaurant in texas says no kids allowed…..after 7pm.
Children under 8 years old cannot dine at the restaurant, co-owner says they policy comes after getting complaints from other customers.

No need to leave leftovers in your refrigerator to mold….a new company wants you to share them with others.
An online startup wants to make a refrigerator full of leftover food… a thing of the past.
The website and smartphone app “leftover swap” will be a place for you to sell leftovers like, an uneaten half of pizza.
The company says it wants to prevent food waste, while promoting eating local and building communities.

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