What’s Trending at 5:30 Tuesday, August 6th

What's Trending at 5:30 Tuesday, August 6th (Image 1)
What's Trending at 5:30 Tuesday, August 6th (Image 1)

Time for what's trending at 5:30…

Two year old Logan Stevenson got the role of a lifetime…..the chance to be his parent's best man in their wedding on Saturday.
He died Monday night with his family by his side.
He had a rare blood disorder that causes bone marrow failure.
His parents Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson were planning to get married next summer, but moved the date up when doctors said Logan only had weeks to live.

When the doors open at north Atlanta high school, the facility will include an indoor rifle range.
The range was built for the school's junior reserve officer training corp and the rifle team.
The students will actually use compressed-air powered pellet rifles.
The range is modeled after one already in use at a local high  school.
The program will have an instructor certified by both the U-S Army cadet command and the Georgia high school athletic association.

It looks like a burger, it cooks like a burger – but this “beef” pattie was grown in a lab, not a cow, perhaps the beginning of a revolution in meat production.
Of course its critics have already labeled it “frankenburger” arguing it should never replace conventional meat.
It took 3 months to “grow” – which is quicker than a cow.
This prototype cost about 300,000 dollars, making it the world's most expensive burger…

The 400 Million Dollar Powerball Jackpot keeping stores busy across the U.S.
The chances of you winning the top prize is lower than 1 in 175 million.
This jackpot is already the 3rd largest powerball ever- and the more who buy, the bigger the pot.
Jackpots are growing and the experts say, in the next several years, there could possibly be a Billion Dollar Jackpot.
Powerball tickets are sold in 43 states, Washington D-C and the Virgin Islands.

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