What’s Trending at 5:30, Tuesday August 20th

What's Trending at 5:30, Tuesday August 20th (Image 1)

Time for what's trending at 5:30…

A minor-league baseball club in Pennsylvania making headlines for a promotion that will send the winner 6 -feet under.
The Triple A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, will offer One “lucky” fan a free funeral package.
Which include, $7,500 worth of professional services, a casket, a complimentary headstone and casket spray.
Fans had to submit an essay describing their ideal funeral and explain why they deserved a free one. More than 50 essays were turned in.
The winner will be announced tonight.

When you're an intern the idea of getting paid is a luxury….not the norm…..
However a new grassroots lobby is working to change that. the campaign is called the “Fair Pay Campaign” and will launch around Labor Day.
They want President Obama to pay White House interns and set an example for other organizations.
A spokesman for the group says working for no pay is unimaginable considering the rise in student loans.
Hundreds of other interns have filed lawsuits and raised complaints over working long hours for free.

An Ohio man ordered a gun safe on the internet and gets more than he asked for…it was loaded with this, 285 pounds of marijuana in ten bales, probably direct from Mexico where his safe was manufactured. 
The marijuana has a street value at over 420 thousand dollars. The delivery driver is missing.
Officials are still trying to back track the load.

A childs weight is raising a great debate in one Florida  community….and his mother is not happy about it at all. 
6 year old Michael Hernandez is 20 pounds over the set weight limit.
His mother says a doctor signed off on the first graders physical, days before the weigh in.
A representative from the county athletic league says, according to the National pop warner guidelines, tiny might teams consist of children 5 and 7 years old, who weigh between 35 and 75 pounds.

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