Golden Apple: Pam Segers

Golden Apple: Pam Segers (Image 1)

Pam Segers is living proof that you can take life's difficulties and turn them into successes.  She is a ceramics teacher.

“It was actually my worst class in college. Because of that, I hate to be bad at stuff, I kept working at it and I eventually ended up with a masters in ceramics.  So I think it makes me a better teacher because I struggled with it so I know what they're going through”, she says.

They're going through the process of becoming really creative kids.

“Everyone comes in on a level playing field”, she tells us. “Whereas drawing and all, some of them have been drawing since they were little kids, and some they just start. No one's ever thrown. Most of them have done pinch pot, but other than that, it gives a level playing field for everyone.”

Every day in the classroom is another day on the comeback trail for Ms. Segers. She was in a horrible hit and run motorcycle crash back in 1987.

“I was in a wheelchair, had to teach for 8 years in a wheelchair, had over 12 operations on my leg. At one point I maxed out on my insurance. I always like to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. What I did is I went back to graduate school, so I could get insurance. That way it helped me to develop my ceramics better, that's when I went back for my masters in ceramics.”

Pam Segers:  a gifted artist and teacher sharing her talents with her students at Evans High School.
A gifted person who didn't give up, but kept striving to make the her classroom and the world a more beautiful place.  

“I guess  I learned it from my dad”, she says. “He was a hard worker He always taught me to give back and so that's what I try to do with my kids.”

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