What’s Trending at 5:30, Wednesday, August 21st

What's Trending at 5:30, Wednesday, August 21st (Image 1)

Time for what's trending at 5:30…

Many people are throwing back cold bruskies in honor of one hot team.
The newly named beer is called called “Hero's 19”- in honor of the hotshots who died battling the Yarnell wildfire.
The idea for hero's 19 came from the arizona craft brewers guild.
The group wanted to know if he could create a commemorative beer to honor the prescott 19.
It will run you about 5 dollars a pint.
All of the proceeds are going to the firefighter's families.

Brushing and Flossing will clean your teeth….and fight cancer.
Researchers now say that good oral hygiene….simple brushing and flossing, may help prevent infection with human papillomavirus, HPV.
HPV is the virus known to cause 40 to 80 percent of all mouth and throat cancers – increasingly, in men.
Good oral hygiene lowers the chances of bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and other entry points for HPV.

The kangaroo is one of Australia's most iconic animals….and it's causing quite a stir in the land down under.
A photo posted on Tourism Australia's Facebook page shows a kangaroo lounging in the sun…..with his private parts showing.
Some say the the animal should be censored….those with tourism Australia say the whole thing was meant as a joke.

A speech for incoming freshman at Georgia Tech in atlanta getting a lot of attention.
Nick Selby pulled out all the stops to tell students why they should be proud to be at Georgia Tech….and it's not hard to see why the video has gone viral.
Selby is a sophomore medical engineering major at Georgia Tech.
Video of the speech has received over 340-thousand hits since being posted Monday.

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