Golden Apple: David Owen

Golden Apple: David Owen (Image 1)

Dr. David Owen's class is about to watch a movie.  That may sound like a fun way to start the day, but it's part of a serious lesson plan.

“Very much of our culture is captured and expressed and discussed in film and it's something every bit as worthy of study as literature, science or math,” Dr. Owen says.

These students will leave with a deeper understanding of the meaning of movies.

“It's everywhere we look,” he says.  We really have become such a visual world that a lot of that goes unconsidered and for that reason needs even more attention.”

When he's not focused on film, Dr. Owen teaches Advanced Placement Literature at Lakeside High. Even with all of today's distractions, he can still get these kids to appreciate the importance of the written word.

“We live in a country that was written into existence.  The world is still very much run by words. Even if they end up being images on a screen or songs we listen to, it's all writing.”

Congratulations Dr. David Owen.  A popular teacher who truly cares about his curriculum and the kids who come into his class each day.  

“It is one of my favorite things about this job, the nobility of it,” he says. That even on a bad day all I did was get  up in the morning and try to help people have the lives they want.  It's one of the great rewards of teaching to see people figure out the world for themselves and what they want to do in it.”

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