What’s Trending at 5:30, Friday, August 30th

What's Trending at 5:30, Friday, August 30th (Image 1)

Continuing with What's Trending at 5:30.

The population in Leith, North Dakota, is 19, but one neighbor is causing quite a stir.
Craig Cobb a self proclaimed white supremacist has been quietly buying up property for the last two years.
In his online, hate-filled posts, he seems to suggest that he wants to create a colony of like-minded people in the area.
One woman says, “everybody has a right to their beliefs but when it infringes on other people, that's not ok.”
The sheriff says he understands concerns, but doesn't feel there's any imminent danger to anybody and no threat to anybody.”
But they are watching cobb and his activities.

Does it bruise a man's ego if his spouse or significant other reaches a higher goal than he does?
A new study says – yes!!  It seems that men might feel worse about it — than women.
Researcher found that a man might feel threatened if his girlfriend or wife outperforms him — if they're competing directly against each other.
In other words – the men in the study saw their partner's success — as their own failure and suffered bruised egos.
And get this — the study says women did not feel worse about themselves if their male partners succeeded — or better about themselves if their men lagged behind them.

South Dakota's Governor, Dennis Daugaard took a dive for a good cause.
Daugaard challenged the Madison, South Dakota dairy queen…that if workers could sell more than 32-thousand blizzards to raise money for a children's charity….. then he would jump out of a plane.
They crushed that goal – and Daugaard kept his word.

Are earthlings really martians?
A long-debated theory holds that life on earth actually started on mars.
now… new research seems to suggest just that.
A U-S scientist says a mineral critical to the origin of life…..didn't exist on the surface of earth three billion years ago….but it did exist on the red planet.
It's one more piece of evidence that a martian meteorite may have actually started life on earth.
The study results were recently released.

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