Buddy Check 6 : Hormone Positive Breast Cancer

Buddy Check 6 : Hormone Positive Breast Cancer (Image 1)

Although many are diagnosed with breast cancers, treatment for each woman is different.
In this month's Buddy check 6 report, a local woman diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer, talks about her treatment and her journey.  Kimberely Scott has her story.

For the Peek family wearing pink now has new meaning.  Jane's husband, their daughter and a family friend came to support Jane while she shared her story of survival.  

Jane, Breast Cancer Survivor. “I  was angry at first because I was like why me, I'm the good one I do what your suppose to, no history of breast cancer on either side of my family, but then it was a part of what happened.”

ER Positive breast cancers grow because of the Hormone estrogen. “PR Positive” cancers grow because of progesterone. Christene was diagnosed with Hormone Positive breast cancer, and its a fight she's winning everyday with the support of so many.

Husband, John Peek, “it does scare you so you have to change a little bit. you have to start looking out for their health. she was usually the one looking out for everyone else, so for a little while there I got to take care of her for a little while.”

Married for 32 years, Christene and John say they've grown closer as a family because of this challenge their facing together. john offers his best advice,
“my advice is to listen to them. be there for them, support them and what ever they want to talk about, be there for them.”

It's advice he and those who are close to Christene use everyday. They also encourage her to share details of her journey with others, Christine, “its really odd when you meet someone you have common ground, you have something to talk about and you talk about what kind of cancer you have, what was the treatment and where you are.”

Christene's lump was the size of her pinky finger. she faced a lumpectomy and radiation and will continue to take pills for at least the next 5 years.

Its a journey that has brought them together, closer than they've ever been.

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